Our Mission

Release Acupressure

 Mission Statement


Our Culture:

Our culture, here at Release Acupressure, involves:

the deepest of self-love,

prioritizing self care,

believing in the potential in ourselves, our coworkers, and our clients,

seeing the positivity in life above all,

giving what we can, when we can, to whomever we can,

manifesting the glory and talents that were bestowed upon us in our creation.


To have Acupressure be a household name and a technique people use in their home care tool boxes.

To inspire people to fill their life-cups so they are overflowing and thus will create abundance and generosity for the world. We do this through online education, social media, live sessions and classes.

To create a movement of women being the manifestation of their Unleashed Expression.

 Target Audience:

 Mothers Age 25-45

Values/Guiding Principles

Always have Tea!

Always be on Time!

Always Track it!

Providing a little extra for our customers is one of the ways we create a powerful environment in which the deep healing can occur. We do this all in the name of healing areas that are stopping you from fulfilling your own Unleashed Expression.