Free Motivation Mapping Session with Kyla

I’m offering you a FREE Motivation Mapping Session because mapping out your vision in life and clarifying how to get there is a powerful and important part of anyone’s journey of personal growth and change.


By the end of our session, you will have your own Motivation Mapping Guide that you can download and keep for yourself. You can print it off and hang it up to motivate you if you like! It’s yours - do what you’d like with it.


Once you have this Guide, you can begin the Manifestation process and take the first step in reaching your goals and dreams.


Having a clearly laid-out start, milestones, and finish line gives you pristine clarity. This clarity propels you into inspiring action.


When you clear all the mud and dirt away, all that is left is the next step forward.


Can you see how this could benefit you in your life?


Commonly Asked Questions


→ Will this work if I don’t know what I want?

Yes, this is great for you! My guiding questions are there to lead you toward clarity.


→ What does this have to do with Acupressure?

Great question! I’ve given you the best of my work in this session. A huge part of my Acupressure sessions are the questions I ask and the emotional support I give. You don’t have to be receiving Acupressure bodywork to get to finding your own inner answers. The mind work and bodywork I do in my sessions are each as important as the other but are also very powerful on their own as well. If you’d like more power, you can pair your Manifestation with Acu-Recipes that will relieve certain blocks in your way (ex. Confidence Booster).


→ Will this work for me?

You know, everyone is different. No two peas are the same. The Motivation Mapping Session is absolutely going to help me get to know you and figure out what support you need in your life to move forward. The least it will do is provide you with some clarity on where you are in life, what you’d like to achieve, and some insight on what’s holding you back. With this information, you can choose to move forward or stay where you are. No one's ever stuck unless they want to stay that way. Seeing as you’re reading this right now, I’d say you’re not one of those people.


→ What’s the catch?

Because it’s free right? I wanted to give you a valuable guidance for your life to empower you, just as I’ve used these skills to empower myself. This session gives you exactly what I say it does, a downloadable Motivation Mapping Guide that you can use for yourself in your life. I provide the questions and the support, and you learn how to guide yourself into the life you want. I’m just here to help you achieve your true potential.


→ Do you offer services to help me manifest these goals and dreams I create during this free session?

Yes, I do this supportive work during all of my Acupressure Sessions that I give. We can do this online, too.  I call them Manifesting Miracles Sessions. These sessions entail deep inner work guided by myself and tailored specifically for your personal journey of getting the results you desire and creating miracles in your life!


→ How does this work online?

This is done over Skype. I love Skype because I can see you.  I can share the screen if I need to, and I fill out the Guide with you based on your answers and what we uncover. I can also record our session if you would like to keep it!


This Motivation Mapping Session is completely risk-free. It’s totally confidential unless you decide you’d like to let me share your story, and doesn't cost you a thing! Sounds amazing, right?




Once you book your session, you will be sent a confirmation email with all the details you will need on when, where and how we’ll meet!


I’m a single mom and my kids always come first, so between them and creating great, new products just for you, I have limited time! To make sure I can give you my best work and my full intuition, I only have space for 10 Motivation Mapping Sessions each month. Hurry to secure your time now, they book up fast!