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Dear Beloved Customer and Acu-Lover,

 I’m writing you this letter because I’ve been given this gift from ‘God’ to be of service to you in this lifetime. At the young age of 18, I found Acupressure, and it completely changed my life. For various reasons, I’ve tried to quit a few times, but life doesn’t let me. When I began having children at 25, I really struggled with having the energy to be pregnant, then raise my babies, and give sessions all at the same time. Unlike a regular job, it takes my whole being and all of my focus and energy to commit to the best session I can give. Being a new mom, I needed to figure out my ‘new’ whole self that now included my children and being a mother as a large part of my identity! If you’re a mom you know what I’m talking about.

 But Acupressure kept calling me back. When my first child, Cleo, was a baby, I sold my Acupressure table because I thought my time was done. I couldn’t be a mother and be an amazing Acupressurist at the same time (or so I thought)! Then, one of my clients bought me a new table and told me I wasn’t allowed to stop! I took one step at a time and found that my ‘new’ whole self was just as powerful and now, almost 10 years and 2 children later, I have profound commitment and confidence of working with people who want real results and have Acupressure be readily available around the world.

 I’m writing specifically to you because I work with people who are willing to get their hands dirty. Willing to go inside and face their own shadows. But don’t worry I won’t leave you there! Often, people come to me as a last resort after they’ve tried a bunch of other modalities; doctors, naturopaths, massage, chiropractic, and acupuncture even. The difference is that I believe that your symptoms are not just physical or just emotional. They’re a combination of both and can even be spiritual. I’m able to work with you to find the core cause of your symptoms and unease and once we REALLY get to the bottom of it, then we find a way to move that block together.


You want:


  • To be happy

  • To be pain free in your body

  • To evolve past old patterns

  • To be self empowered and self aware

  • To have the tools to get through anything life throws at you


My Acu-Sessions work because:


  • Any dark emotional feeling you have can be faced, processed and Released. All that’s left is peace, an open heart and happiness.

  • Body pain is intertwined with emotions and your spiritual path lessons. When you listen to those, your body pain can dissipate.

  • Patterns in your life show up until you get the lesson! Learning didn’t stop after high school, or college or university. Life is your school, and it never ends. Use these patterns to move on in your life and fulfill your dreams!

  • When we work on your pain, we work on it together and you become self reliant and empowered. You can’t help it. The way we work gets you deeply involved. I can only guide, it’s in your willingness to go into the depths of yourself. I will validate, witness and support you as you go through your inner journey. But it’s all on you. And that’s a good thing.

  • From this work you’ll be able to transform any situation in your life. Life doesn’t have to take you out of your own game. You’re the common denominator, you’re in charge!

How do I know Acupressure can help me?

  • To get a taste of what I can do and how I can help you, you can book a free Motivation Mapping Session with me to talk about what’s going on with you and where you want to be in your life. This way, we’ll both have a better idea if I can help you or not.


Isn’t my body pain just a symptom?

  • All pain is physical, spiritual and emotional. It varies pain to pain and what level it’s at, but how can you isolate it? You aren’t just a physical being. You’re all of it. So, to answer this question, a body pain is both the cause and the symptom.


How do you know this?

  • I’ve experienced it myself and witnessed thousands of my clients heal from this view of life and healing modality.


What exactly goes on in these Acu-Sessions?

  • After we check in and I hear more about what’s going on with you, you get on my Acupressure table and lay face-up (clothes on). I tuck you in a blanket so you’re comfortable and cozy, then use Acu-points to relax your body and calm your mind. As you become present and more ‘in’ your body, I ask guiding questions to lead you to where your pain is held. I’m guided by your spirit and mine. With your eyes closed and allowing the answers to come to you instead of trying to force out an answer, we’re guided to the source so healing can occur.


How long does it take to get the result I want?

  • Everyone is different. Some people get it from the first session, but I don’t suggest you expect that. I suggest at least five sessions. It depends how hard your shell is, how quickly you can surrender to my guidance and how complex or deep the pain is. It also depends on how quickly you begin the action plan I have advised for you to heal after we get to the root.


What kind of things do you work on?

  • All kinds of things! Everyone expresses pain in different forms; emotional, physical, and spiritual. It doesn’t matter what it is, it’s what’s under lying it. Generally, everyone wants the same sort of things. Love, touch, to be seen, heard, (etc.) by your own self and/or by others. But the ‘why’ is huge. What happened to you that caused this pain is hard to listen to, but let’s listen to it nonetheless. Often, there is more than one part of you that needs this attention. We take it one part at a time.


I’ve had my _______ for a very long time, will this work?

  • I believe so, but like I said, I can’t guarantee anyone’s success. My question to you, ‘What has caused you to wait so long to get help?’ Maybe you didn’t know where to look, or maybe you didn’t want to. Whatever it is, we’ll work together to find out so you free yourself. I suggest if you have another concern, book a FREE Motivation Mapping Session with me and we’ll relook at your situation. I will be able to give you a better answer with this.


How much does this cost?

  • I only work with people who are serious about healing and ready for REAL RESULTS. Working with me is a lot like an application, you apply, we speak about your particular situation, and from there we decide whether or not we will be able to work together and trust each other in devoting ourselves to your cause. A big part of this application and decision are costs and a payment plan, which we will go over in our 1:1 discussion.


After the first session, you will have a much better idea if this works for you and if I’m the person you want to work with. After that you’re stuck with me;)


Once you choose to get started with me you will be given an intake form to fill out and if you haven’t already, we will go over the Motivation Mapping Guide so we have a clear picture of your goals and blocks and we can lay out your journey. We’ll then set you up with a package, based on how much work you want or need, book all you in for all your sessions, and begin! Gets me excited just thinking about it!


There’s a limited amount of space and time for me to do my hands-on work, and they fill up fast! Book yours now!

Book your Free Motivation Mapping Session to get started!