Acu-Book for Teen Girls

I’m writing this letter because I had a hard time as a young girl. I was able to get through it and through many great inspirational people and knowledge I gained throughout this time, I learned some amazing tools that I wish all girls had as soon as puberty hit. I’m sure you can remember some of the struggles. I believe youth aren’t heard, honored or supported fully in the way they need to be. For different reasons, maybe they don’t know how to express themselves or maybe no one is listening, or hearing the things they want to have heard. In any case, many youth suffer and feel alone. There’s a new series on Netflix called ‘13 Reasons Why’ that shows the inner workings of the life of a teen in these times and the issue revolving around family, peers, and overall society. It can be quite a dark series, but essentially I feel it really does depict a real picture of what many youth experience. It can be a scary thing to know that your son or daughter may be one of these youth. Not all of these things shown are experienced by everyone, but if even a couple of them are, it’s painful to think that the one you love most in the world is facing this cruel existence. You may feel helpless.


I’m sure you’re doing your best, and it’s not fully your fault. There are so many factors. Their peers, the media, and just the overall system. I can’t wave a magic wand and fix it, although I wish I could, but what I CAN do is empower each youth one at a time. I’ve put my best stuff in this super short, easy to read book and presented it in a way that any young person who reads it, gets it, and gets it quickly.


As soon as the hormones hit, it’s time. So many things are learned, realized, and change in such a short period of time, and so many things need to be discussed. It can start as young as 8 these days. Even up to the early 20’s, though, they are still dealing with this and healing from their experiences. And this book can help.


The reason I’m writing to you specifically is because I think:

  • You have a young girl in your life that you want to help.

  • You have someone you love very much and you also wish you could fix all her pain.

  • You want her to have the best tools possible to get herself through the journey.

  • You can’t possibly be there for every single situation or painful feeling and you know this already.


In my book “Little Women’s Guide to Personal Power,’ young girls receive:


  • 12 chapters of tools and stories that build on top of one another to give her everything she needs to be successful through her youth and teenagehood.

  • Natural remedies (Acu-Points, Aromatherapy + medicinal herbs) for her moontime (menstrual period) that she can do on her own in a very safe way.

  • An empowering conversation that lifts her up and has her realize her own inner power

  • Inspiration for her to be responsible for her own growth and change she wants in her life.

  • And a journal, because if she doesn’t talk to anyone, at least she can write down what’s going on inside her head. This is very important for her to have a safe and private place to record her journey in depth.


The young girl in your life will benefit because:


  • The information is set up for her to have small wins. Small wins that build on one another gives her confidence and increases her self esteem. She can begin to celebrate herself.

  • It gives her very real, healthy tools that she can use to take care of herself. You can feel secure knowing your girl is making positive choices to deal with her pain, and not destructive ones.

  • By acknowledging and knowing your girl will experience pain, it gives her the space to be okay with that. By giving her what she needs to cope when the pain arises, you are surpassing what you can do as someone who cares about her.

  • What we think is best for the ones we care about most may not always be what is best for them. Giving her the ability to make her own choices and be responsible for herself in her own life is, in my opinion, the very best thing we can do for our children. This book gives her tools to get there.


I’ve put together some of the questions that may be swirling in your head:


  • Are you a safe resource? What is your background?

    • The tools in this book are from personal tools I learned from my own life to get me through to being a successful young adult. I went from almost dropping out of high school to graduating on the honour roll and being named ‘Fastest Growing Business’ at the age of 22 by the British Columbia Acupressure Therapists Association. I was 25 when I wrote this book, and it’s my best stuff. If you have concerns, I suggest you read the book yourself first, it doesn’t take you long. I’ve been hired by the city to speak at G-Day for Girls and I have received a letter of recommendation to support my expertise. I’ve also facilitated Girl’s Circle at Royal Oak Middle School for an ongoing period of time and was asked to be the main leader for the group.

  • Do you offer workshops?

    • This is a passion of mine. I offer a variety of options for working with girls in a group. Depending on the length and subject matter we can work something out that fits with your youth.

  • Can you speak to our girls?

    • Yes, I can. Please fill in the application and myself or someone from my team will be in touch with you right away.

  • Have you worked 1:1 with girls before?

    • I have, mostly with group work. During 1:1 sessions, I may spend more time with a girl who needs more attention.

  • Do you have kids?

    • I do. I have 2 beautiful children; an 8 year old girl and a 4 year old boy.

  • How young do you suggest a girl should read this book?

    • I believe 8 or 9 is a good age to start, but it depends on the child. My daughter, Cleo will read it this year.


If you get this book and aren’t satisfied with it, within 7 days you are eligible to receive a full refund upon the return of the book.


How you can receive the book:

You can purchase the book on or order it through your local Canadian Chapter’s Bookstore.

Once you purchase this book, your heart will overflow with joy from the wonderful choice you’ve made by helping the amazing girl in your life!