10 Essentials to Emotional Healing

A view of emotions through the 5 element lense.

“A dark night of the soul is some of the most transformative times that we go through in our lives. They are sacred initiations.” Marianne Williamson

I was watching an interview with the legend, Marianne Williamson. She talks about the dark night of the soul and how it is a part of life. She believes hard times are a sacred and transformative opportunity to learn, grow and heal. She beautifully sums up why I wrote this book for you. Marianne Williamson is in alignment with what I show my clients and how I support them in healing.

I know I run an acupressure business, but it’s not just body work we’re doing here. I am constantly being a detective. I’m looking under the physical pain to see what is wanting to come out. I’m also working to give my clients the tools to support their own deep healing.

I have received acupressure sessions and they’ve definitely supported me and feel oh so good to my body, mind and spirit. But there have also been times when I didn’t have a session booked and I needed help in the moment. You may have heard my story about the bunion on my foot that disappeared when I listened to it. It was telling me to stop resenting my husband for drinking and to look at myself and the choices I was making. My choices weren’t his fault, I chose to participate, to connect with him, because I loved him. When I made a promise to myself to only put in my body what it desires and makes it feel good, the bunion disappeared. When we understand what is going on with our emotional state, why the turmoil is there, how it moves and what message it is working to convey to us, we can take action. We can heal and move through discomfort rather than try to ignore and suppress


I call my tribe Courageous Vulnerables because it’s courageous to be vulnerable and look at yourself. My courageous vulnerables are a group of people who are willing to look under their own skin and face it head on. It can be humbling, humiliating, scary, and disempowering. But you can get through whatever you are dealing with. Anything at all. I know this because I have and I still do. On the other side of the dark stuff is the most juicy, joyous and love expanding experiences you could ever imagine. It’s always worth it to do the work to look at yourself.

I have gotten myself through:


  • Being homeless at 16

  • My father being in jail

  • Divorce

  • Raising two kids as a single mom

And more..

If I told you

my dad and I are very close now, my mom is one of my best friends, my ex husband is a dear friend and support system for the kids and I, would you believe me? It’s all true. You can get through anything. It’s always worth it to do the work.

I have written a book that brings storytelling, theory and action to all aspects of the emotional landscape. It is called “Ten Essentials to Emotional Healing”.

In this book, I take you on a journey through each emotion and lead you closer to yourself.

Many times just understanding something will bring healing energy and change. And for things that are a bit more stubborn, there is inspiration which means “to breathe life into”. The power of focussed and intentional breathing can work wonders.


The book cost $59 and will be immediately delivered to your inbox after purchase.

Get it now.

If you’re somebody who says:

“I have so many books I haven’t finished reading yet. Should I finish what I’ve already started?”

Most of us have plenty of books we haven’t started or finished. I recommend trusting that what you have read was enough for where you were at that time. If you feel called to read more of a book then I recommend going ahead and doing that. If you are feeling the time is right for working on personal awareness, healing and growth, it is time to consider looking at “Ten Essentials to Emotional Healing”. Information comes and goes. Trust what is meant to stick will stick.


“I don’t have emotional problems.”

You may not have any emotions that stop you from living the life you truly desire. If you find any area of your life that isn't working out the way you want I suggest you try being curious about how you can learn and grow. Reading this book will take you on a memorable and heart opening journey that will add more magic to your life.


“What is your training?”

I was trained in Acupressure with Shen Journey over 16 years ago. This includes a counselling component. The outline of the emotions in my book are based on the 5 elements I also learned in my acupressure training, but come from ancient chinese wisdom theory. All Acupressure points are based on this model. I have been working with clients for over 16 years now and have seen many transformations using these methods.


“Will reading your book help with physical body symptoms?”

I cannot guarantee results, however, I have facilitated countless transformations and healing in my 16 years of practice. I highly recommend seeing what you can do in any alternative way versus drug treatment. If you are taking action and doing things that bring positivity and expansion into your life, you will notice a shift in your physical being. Your positive intention and dedication to your own well being is the door into pain-free joyous experience. I am happy to help you get there!

I want 10 Essentials to Emotional Healing!