You must be somebody who likes to make a difference. This part of Release Acupressure is dear to me. It’s the ways we give back and try to reach out just a little bit more.

Release Acupressure Institute

As a practitioner for fifteen years I was finding I could not make the global impact I want to make. I’m a big thinker. The Release Acupressure Institute is the place where I house my teaching. It is my dream for there to be a school for Acupressure. Acupressure is often found along other bodywork modalities. Because most kinds of Acupressure has a weak regulatory body it is not supportive enough for someone to rely on a career in Acupressure. It is my goal to attain a high standard that will be honoured by medical coverage. This will have Acupressure available to many more people.

Affiliate Businesses

Part of growing larger than ourselves is collaborating with like minded individuals, and there are plenty. There are hundred of thousands of healers all over the globe that want a better future for our children. Acupressure is a slice of the pie. We like to partner with those who have similar grassroots values. Kindness, generosity and abundance for everyone. Through other Affiliate Businesses, we showcase the proud collaboration with Release Acupressure.


Events are the parties we host and attend, online and offline. We love a good party and don’t go unless it’s a good one. So I encourage you to stay up to date with us and email us at kyla@releaseacupressure. Let me know you want to be on our guest list and I’ll add you. You’ll get an email once a month with any parties we’re going to. You’re always welcome to join us.

Check inside for more details on these Initiatives.