Acu-Neck Release Beginners Course

Learn the 15 minute Formula to Cure Neck Pain Immediately.

 Acu-Neck Release© Class for Beginners

“I work at a desk job and find my neck and shoulders are constantly tight and sore. I have found that even just 15 minutes with Kyla has a more lasting effect than anything else I have tried, including chiropractic care, massage therapy, and physical therapy.” - HP Employee

What this man is referring to is my Acu-Neck Release© Formula. This formula is less than 20 minutes in length, and is very very powerful.

The Acu-Neck Release© Formula has a long lasting effect after just one session.

I have been doing acupressure for over 15 years. I have done thousands and thousands of neck releases. Last week a client came to me who had been to her chiropractor and masseuse with no relief. She didn’t think I could help her, this happens all the time. After my pressure point sequence, it was the first time in months she felt tension free in her neck.

I am not extra special, I just follow the formula.

The neck is the highest point of tension for many people.

Relieving this tension quickly can help in many ways such as:

  • Relieves tension in shoulders, neck and head
  • Allows shoulders, head and neck to feel more open and long
  • Helps you think more clearly
  • Opens the heart because the mind chatter has calmed down
  • Brings clarity and peace of mind to personal vision in life
  • Relaxes and calms the whole body
  • Brings peace and calm to your day
  • Happiness for no reason
  • Neck relief for the first time in a long time

Maybe you or the person you love has tried other things such as: Chiropractor, Massage, Acupuncture, Essential Oils, Yoga, Family massages; you know the ones that your husband/wife or your kids give you.

It’s not your fault you have a tension in your neck and shoulders. You just haven’t found the cure yet!



Did you know there are 12 Organ Meridians + eight Extraordinary Meridians in the body and at least seven of those 20 meridians run through the neck! That is a lot of traffic for such a tiny area of the body!

I’ll show you where these Acu-Points are and how you can give yourself relief in your neck immediately!


I highly recommend you do this at the end of EVERY body session you do It will amp up your business and your clients will be even happier than before.

I have been told time after time how amazing this process is and how well it works. You do not need to be smart to do this. You do not need to learn from a huge book. This is a simple simple and powerful method I can teach you in tiny increments over 21 days!

When you get rid of neck tension you also get rid of:


Scattered brain dissipates | Stiff neck and shoulders |  Foggy Brain


What you get in the class



Everyday a new Acu-Point is emailed to you.

You’ll receive a description and visual so you can get practicing right away!


The Acu-Neck Release© Formula

In week 2 you practice the Acu-Neck Release© Formula on yourself start to finish. This is where it gets really juicy. I give you daily new keys to add to your practice and lifestyle that will really help you relieve tension in your neck.



Amp Up Your Release

Give what your get - every day you pass on a Acu-Neck Release© to someone you care about and can make a difference for.


Finally: Receive a Beginner Acu-Neck Release Certificate! On day 21 you will get an email saying you are ready to receive a certificate, instructions will be in that email.

What you will create


  • Unique advantage to relieving neck pain for yourself and those that you love

  • Effortlessly able to move energy powerfully

  • If you’re a bodyworker - Maximize your sessions so your clients want to come back for even more!

  • The one thing that promises to alleviate neck pain for a longer period of time over any other type of body work.

Cost is $299

Get it now!

What people are saying:


     “You're are a gifted presenter and a very knowledgeable practitioner. I was impressed with your honesty in regards to your own personal process and the comfortable, relaxed attitude that you have when you’re teaching that put us all at ease. That's so important when you're learning something new.”Kym Harvey -


    “Throughout the experience I felt very relaxed. She touches on breath and how sometimes emotions can come out during the treatment. I felt it was a very good workshop. I really enjoyed meeting Kyla and she presented very well.” Colleen Di Lallo, Holistic Fitness Coach.


   "I was skeptical that the Neck Release Formula would produce noticeable benefit for me, as I have had a lot of neck issues that have only responded to consistent, long-term cranio-sacral therapy.  I was surprised at what a difference the technique made.  But what surprised me most of all is how effective my practice was on the recipient I practiced on during the class.  I have no experience with acupressure and was astonished and how quickly I could learn how to find and apply the right pressure to points.  Kyla was sensitive and intuitive.  I felt really heard.  My neck feels more relaxed than it has in years.  Not perfect, but vastly improved and more relaxed.  Thank YOU so much, Kyla!!!!"

 Orion Kiernan Carrier

Grab your Acu-Neck Release© Class Today!



Is it safe?


Yes acupressure is one of the safest things you can do that is the most effective to the body. No force pressure is ever applied. Pressure is only applied where is needed and the client always knows best.


What is a meridian?



What is a pressure point?



Do I get a certificate?

Yes. You get a beginners certificate. I can't approve you of more because I can't see your work. There will be practicum options in the future for professional training.


Can I bring my partner?

Yes. I highly recommend bringing a partner. It is amazing for couples. Nothing like relaxing each other and building intimacy in a very practical way.


Do I need to use needles?

No, there are no needles. Only Acupuncture uses needles, I only teach finger pressure. I find finger pressure works best for a deeper client connection.


Can I do it to myself?

Yes. Any acupressure you can do on yourself. It is extra special when someone does it for you so that you can fully surrender and relax, but I often press pressure points on myself. I also make sure that my partner always knows this Acu-Neck formula© so we can do it to each other.

You can start the Acu-Neck Release Course Right Now!


While the Neck Release Formula will make a huge difference for anyone, I cannot guarantee results for anyone who’s had extreme trauma to the neck. In cases such as these I would recommend long and consistent Acu-Neck Release© formula sessions to best support your healing.



10 day money back guarantee!