Do I take my clothes off?

No. This is a clothes on kind of session. Please make sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing. You will be laying on your back the whole session. I use the weight of your body on my fingers on the pressure points to get into those tight areas. It works incredibly well.

Do I get a Neck Release in my session?

Yes. Every session I do is completed with the Neck Release that is taught in the The Neck Release Formula. It is important for smoothing out all the deep work we just did and integrating the body and mind together.

Why do you want my home address?

I like to send clients that work with me 1:1 personal cards in the mail. To make you feel extra special and thought of.

Can I cover you with my medical plan?

Sometimes. It depends on your plan. Acupressure is not covered under main medical plans specifically, but check yours. Every plan is different. If you have a portion of money you can put toward anything you like, you can use that to help pay for the cost of working with me.