5 Areas of Your Life Impacted by Anxiety. You May Be Surprised!

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It’s crazy, isn’t it? Like anything in life, it just starts off with 1 moment, or 1 incident or 1 day. 

Like the butterfly effect, it compounds, moment by moment, day by day until you find yourself rearranging who you are to handle situations in life that other people seem to have no trouble with. Click to Read More...

Herbs + Aromatherapy For Anxiety

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I’ve taken courses in Herbology and have actively used aromatherapy in my day-to-day living, but it’s not something where I deem myself an ‘expert’. I refer to books - my “bibles”  - and I experiment and dabble.

I love all of it! Books on Herbs and Aromatherapies! READ MORE... 

13 Signs You Are Dealing with Anxiety

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According to a study commissioned by the ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), in North America, more than $22.84 billion is spent on the repeated use of health care services by people with anxiety disorders when they seek relief for symptoms that mimic physical illnesses.

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Do you have Anxiety?

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Anxiety is one of the highest psychological complaints in North America.

To me, anxiety can feel like a rush or overwhelm. Anxiety is one of those things that come and go. When I get a rush of energy and I am not grounded. Read more....