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What are the Elements? + Acu-Challenge Free Download!

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I use the Five Elements throughout my whole life. To me, they’re amazing and magical! Much like astrology, acupressure is a natural way of assessing yourself. In acupressure, you look within and allow yourself to feel an emotions and thoughts that may come up while pressing the points. Once you have acknowledged what you’re feeling, you can break these things apart and find the base of what is hurting you and who you are. You can find what you like, don’t like, smells, tastes, attitudes, careers and everything else and with some understanding of the Elements and what they bring, it will show you which Element is doing what. Are you off balance? Is it more yin than yang or yang than yin? Are your Elements just right? Using your story and how you feel, I use the Five Elements to plot my Acupressure Session and this information guides me to what pressure points I use.


Some people think this perspective is unfounded and don’t quite trust in it because they have not found their truth and belief in it. In their head, it’s a good idea, but who has time, and why should I spend that energy on this!?


It’s not really about having time once you understand it, it’s quite easy to shift it into your life and once you understand how it makes you feel and what this healing can do for you, it will increase your energy instead of causing you to spend more.


Before I give you a quick overview to help you implement this lifestyle into your life, here’s a brief history.


The Five Elements Theory first appeared during the Spring and Autumn Period in China (770–476 BC), a period of time within the Zhou Dynasty where the calendar looked much different than our own. It became widespread; mostly used in Chinese medicine, philosophy, feng shui, fortune-telling, and martial arts. Each element had its own characteristics and associations with different aspects of nature and can be found within it through season, direction, life stage, color, shape, time of day, as well as within yourself through emotion, internal organ, and sense. These Elements were created to explain the similarity in patterns found in both nature and in human psyche, and the symptoms that cyclically arise during different times. The theory behind the Five Elements is that if the Elements are not accepted and maintained, these symptoms would arise.


What we have found is that many of our clients and audience base are showing the symptoms that the ancient Chinese physicians predicted would come when not nourishing the different Elements that affect us throughout our day and different months in the year.


These Elements have both physical and emotional symptoms and an overall theme or question in which you should mirror within to find the answers. Please read below!



Time: Spring, early hours of the morning when we first awaken.

The Emotions: Anger, Guilt, Depression, Motivation and Kindness

The Question: How do you express your Anger?



Time: Summer, midday

The Emotions: Happiness, Joy and Sadness

The Question: What brings you Joy?



Time: The time of change between each season or late summer, mealtime

The Emotions: Contentment, Isolation and Worry

The Question: What nourishes you?



Time: Fall, late afternoon and evening

The Emotions: Courage and Grief

The Question: Who or what guides you?



Time: Winter, nighttime

The Emotions: Gentleness, Intuitiveness, Fear Inadequacies and Foolhardiness

The Question: Who or what can you trust?

If you find you are dealing with these emotional symptoms, highlight your issues and break down the blocks that you are finding in yourself. While I can’t give you a direct diagnosis, beginning with the inquiry and self discovery in this conversation will begin to help you shift to a happier and more fulfilled life.


To put all this into perspective, here are some things that people are dealing from a survey we made in preparation of the new Free Acu-Challenge (coming May 27th) in order to tailor it to what you are dealing with.


Here are a few things that we heard when we asked what some of the biggest issues or pains were in life:


“Confidence in my capabilities and feeling shut out because of my age.”


“I don't think I put in the necessary work. And I've gotten used to habits that take energy away from me and allow me to avoid that work. My perfectionist attitude causes me to avoid it in fear of failing.”


“I’m not satisfied with my physical aspect.”


“I struggle with my stomach. I'm okay with most of my body, but my self-love really falls apart when it comes to my stomach.”




“My hips and lower back.”




“Social anxiety and the stress/worry it causes.”


Yes, each of these things can be broken down, picked apart and healed. What we are giving you is a way to work through whatever you’re dealing with in bite-size-able daily habits in the Acu-Challenge.


When someone has a stuck Wood Element or imbalance they may be experiencing symptoms such as:




If you are dealing with any of these things you could have some stuck Wood energy in you! If you do not deal with this stuck energy, your Fire Element period will not be as fruitful. Metaphorically, if you didn’t plant and grow your seeds you will not benefit from a large crop.


Meridians + Pressure Points


Within each of the Five Elements are associated meridians, and within every meridian, there are pressure points to control the flow of the energy found inside. I don’t know exactly what is going on in your world, but I may be able to help. By focusing on the bigger picture, all your inner workings will begin to heal and shift so you can become the purest and happiest version of yourself. Isn’t that what we all want?


To get you started into the journey of the Wood Element, I have an awesome Acu-Recipe + Wood Balancing Checklist for you! It's to help you deal with some of the symptoms associated with the Wood Element that we’ve been seeing in our clients and to help you take your first step in the Wood to Fire transformation, where you will work toward fullfilling your deepest dreams! (This is a sneak peek into the Acu-Challenge that I’m gifting to you right now!)

Enter your Name + Email below to receive your Wood Element Checklist and begin your inner transformation now!

                   Wood Element Checklist

Currently, we are in the Wood Element, which is about planting seeds for your ‘vision’ for your life. It’s about having the will to become. Anything you want to create in your life for the next Element (Fire) can be possible by using the Acu-Challenge to break it down, step by step.


This Blog and the ones to come are all in celebration of the upcoming Acu-Challenge! This is a free experience with small daily actions to bring you into balance with your Wood Element and to start you off well into an awesome Summertime/Fire experience!


Want to learn more?


Join me on my Acu-Live on FB this Wednesday, May 3 at 8pm as we go over the pressure points from the Acu-Recipe (find it above) and to open up some live Q&A! To stay up to date join our Free FB Community -


In next week’s blog, I’m focusing on ‘What is Qigong?’ and how it can help us in our transition into the Fire Element. Qigong is a crucial part of the Acu-Challenge as we bring your whole self back into balance to help clear any symptoms that are in your way!



Kyla and the Release Acupressure Team


P.S. Make sure you tune into the Feel Better Today Show, Your Inspiration Station podcast that I host every Friday, you can find it on our website! This week I’m listening to a journey that a friend has gone through, involving mental illness, destructive habits and difficult choices involving parents, and looking within to find the source of the pain. From there, I am giving her acupressure points so she can leave her old habits behind and keep herself happy, free, and healthy.