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The Secret why Hayfever is a good thing!

Posted by Kyla Plaxton on

I thought that might catch your attention. It’s not that I’m lying but I’m sure you disagree.

You see, my whole theory behind the hundreds and hundreds of clients I’ve worked on and seen results with is that the body is always giving us messages.

Human beings get so resigned about what they were given or what happens at certain stages in life. I hear things like - “well, I’m 53 and this is what 53 looks like, isn’t it?” or “I’ve been this way ever since I was born.”

It’s not that that’s not true, it’s just that I offer a different view. What if you could transmute anything you are dealing with? You know, sometimes our symptoms are life lessons on our life journey. Sometimes we understand the lessons that are being given to us and the problems go away quickly.

If you have allergies, or someone you love is dealing with them, I invite you to consider that something else may be going on.

I’ll give you some ideas...

Every single Acupressure Point is on an energetic Meridian (it’s like a river that flows through the body.) There are 12 Organ Meridians and 8 Extraordinary Meridians in the body. Each of the Organ Meridians is associated with an Organ (well, most of them.) Every organ has symptoms that can manifest if they are out of balance. There may not be anything ‘wrong’ per se but there’s something going on. Maybe there’s stuck energy; maybe there’s too much energy pooled; maybe the energy is blocked or numb, or maybe the problem has gotten severe.

Allergies live in the Liver Organ Meridian. If you ask any Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist or Herbalist even, they will tell you that Allergies come from the liver.

Often, it’s because the liver is overloaded with toxins, and even if you’re super healthy, you will still have toxins. We live in a toxic environment and it’s normal to have some toxicity. It’s the body’s job to process toxins. Only most of us haven’t been taught how to properly eliminate them.

Random Fact: I use to be Raw Vegan + I have a certification in Herbology.

I use this information for my personal use mostly, but I’ve had a real interest in healthy living since I was 16 years old.

To eliminate toxins, it’s not enough to just drink lots of water and try not to eat too much sugar. And whatever else mainstream information has told you, even being a raw vegan super-foody or an exercise maniac is not the answer.

Every body is different. I can’t tell you exactly why you are dealing with allergies but I can drop clues to help you discover for yourself why you have them.

So here are the facts:

Hayfever or Seasonal Allergies are a symptom that stems from your liver.

The liver is related and influenced by the Liver Meridian.

The Liver Meridian (Yin) is paired with the Gallbladder Meridian (Yang).

The Liver and Gallbladder Meridian are in the Wood Element.

What does this all mean?

Well, the liver/gallbladder is all about moving forward in your life. Again, they process toxins and fat in the body. They are in charge of decision-making and being in control and making plans. Creating a vision for the future is how to see it, but pay attention to any rigidity, stiffness or even stubbornness about your goals.

It’s good to have a vision and move forward in our lives but balance is equally important. So how do you have flow, flexibility, and movement while taking steps toward a vision or goal in your life?

We are emotional AND physical beings - It’s important to pay attention to both these areas. Try things out and see where the imbalance lies.

So I ask you: What do you see for yourself moving forward?

Are you uptight or rigid when taking action on a project or plan?

Do you crave fatty foods, addictive substances or high sweets?

Do you like being in control?

Even….. Do you experience agitation when things feel out of control?

These are all signs that you may have a liver imbalance.

And Allergies live in the liver!

I have some awesome Acupressure Recipe Pressure Point Cards that I will be offering you in next week’s blog. The recipe cards will be 2-3 pressure points to heal common symptoms that are caused by Allergies like itchy, red eyes or sneezing and congestion. Stay tuned to get the full list next week plus Acupressure antidotes.

For the next 3 weeks, I’m doing FB LIVE Classes, offering my Release Acupressure Facebook Page on allergies, as well as “going deep” on the Recipe Cards.  I’ll be showing you exactly how to push the points, and for how long and answer any questions you may have on using them for you own self-healing.

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