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The Life of An Acupressurist

Posted by Kyla Plaxton on

I met a young woman, Joanne who invited me to a workshop. She was calm, beautiful and open. I didn't have many friends like her. All my friends were partiers and intense, and so was I. I left home when I was 16 and moved in with my boyfriends family. I went from almost dropping out of high school to graduating on the honour role, which was great. But I was angry. I left home because I felt abondoned by my mother and a whole heap of events came before. Needles to say I was young, lost and trying to find my way. 

Someone up there was listening because the workshop that Joanne invited me to was the begining of a journey that changed my life for the better forever.

15 years later and I've been named Fastest Growing Business on Vancouver Island at the Age of 23, I got married, home birthed two beautiful and healthy children, completed a 10 month herbology course, published a book that is on Amazon and in Chapters across Canada. In the last year I've started a podcast and have entered into the online world to spread the amazing gift of Acupressure to Ambitious Mom's Everywhere! 

Why? Because I'm one and it's helped me so much! I use it on my kids, my friends, clients {of course }, and myself. 

In the next two years I plan to launch 44 Mini Courses as low as $7 for Sytmptoms such as Insomnia, Anxiety + Migraines. Have a worldwide listened to podcast that shares the plethora of wisdom coming from this beautiful island. I will run quartely Qi Gong Challenges, and create a program that will give Acupressure to the whole family. I intend to teach and inspire other Acupressurist to help others aswell. 

Acupressure is SAFE, EFFECTIVE and EASY! You can be as close as a nickel or even a quarter to work. I want to share it with you. I'm giving away as much content as possible to share this age old wisdom with you. Check out my YouTube Channel + Podcast. 

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