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The Keys to Long Term Health and a Love for it with Dani Deam

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What is your mission?

 She focused on healing through nutrition, self-care, and lifestyles. She helps people reconnect with their body and how to respect their body then heal through food and self-care.

What inspire you to start this process?

Dani said she felt unique because she did not go through an unfortunate experience nor she had a light bulb moment to be inspired to do this. The most traumatizing moment that happened to her is she is at a miserable workplace. She was so tired and decided to do some soul searching. Realizing health and nutrition has always been a part of her life, she started to spread that and help other people find the healing power of it. Helping people she meets and showing them that they can do what she had accomplished living on her terms and not stuck on an office chair.

Let's hear more about nutrition and how Dani motivates people.

She works one on one with women. She focused on asking difficult questions that dig deep why they are in that state of health. After the self-discovery process, Dani and her client will devise a simple plan that will make a change for them. She will be their accountability partner and will consistently do a follow through.

How long do you work with a person on their nutrition plan?

Dani prefers to work with them for 90 days. She believes that change takes time, for some it will take a year. This is hard for a lot of people since we are looking for a quick fix, Dani added.

Dani shares the not-so-secret questions that will make you stop and think.

 1. Why do you get up in the morning?

 2. Once the client provides her with their goal, she will ask them WHY.

Dani tells more about her business.

New Growth Wellness is the name of her business. She enjoys working one on one, making the big impact individually with people. But she hopes to grow and build group courses and create more offering, different resources that will be available on her website.

What do you suggest as an exercise and food plan each of us can go?

Dani emphasized that we should acknowledge our uniqueness. When someone shared that when they stop eating carbs they felt great doesn't necessarily mean that it will happen to you.  Being aware and listening to your body is the number one thing that she guides people through.

Dani's message for the world.

Move every day. Connect with other human beings. Build relationship. Eat real food. Connecting with something much bigger than you.

Four important points that you’ll get from this podcast are:

  • If we don't have Joy, what is the point of Life?
  • When it comes to real changes that will last for the rest of your life which most of us wants, you have to be patient. You have to trust that doing these small steps will come together in the end.
  • Habit is the key.
  • When you do things that you won't enjoy, you will not stick to it.

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