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The Easter Holiday Special

Posted by Tarryn Tisdale on

Hey, everyone! I’m Tarryn, the Office Manager here at Release Acupressure (fancy title, I know). I’m helping Kyla get things up and running so we can give all our beloved clients and audience the best experience we can, sustainably. I love my job, but I want to get to know the client base that I’m working for. To get things started, here some things that make me who I am: I have a passion for the outdoors, am an environmental nut, enjoy having tea within arm’s reach at all times, and value kindness in every situation, especially during hard times. In the comments below, tell me about yourself and how Release Acupressure has helped you with issues in your life.


I was drawn to Release Acupressure primarily because of the kindness, transparency, and work ethic I saw in the company and in Kyla, and I hope that you see this too. This company has given me a chance to show my value and talents in the projects that I do and has helped me recognize and build my potential and spirituality. I am not a religious person (and have nothing against people who are), but during my sessions with Kyla, I have been reminded of my strong belief that we are all interconnected and made from the same elements and substances, so kindness towards another is kindness towards yourself. And kindness towards yourself, something I’ve recently learned the importance of, is difficult to manage sometimes, but maybe the most important step towards self-realization.


And around holidays like Easter, self-realization, kindness towards yourself, and understanding your limits and where to draw the line for yourself, is extra important.


Easter, to me, is all about family time, reconnection with relatives, and maybe even changing things up from our day-to-day lives. While I was growing up, I lived at a lake in Kamloops, BC, and my family would host Easter dinner (along with all the other yearly celebrations) at my house where it was quiet and beautiful. Both my parents have family in the area, so we would invite a massive group of people over for dinner and have some people stay in my house. As a kid, I loved the attention and chocolate that family members would bring over for my brother and me, and my parents enjoyed the company of our family being around. Now that I’m older, however, I can see how stressful and hectic it must have been for my parents to have two young children and a house filled with people for a weekend. As someone who now has my own house and has had people over for dinner before, I know there is a lot of work put in behind that dinner, and as much as I enjoy the company and catching up with old friends, it does get exhausting after a while.


On the upside, changing things up from your normal daily routine to reconnect with family and loved ones is always important and can give a much-needed break to your overworked mind and body. That being said, so much extra time is spent with these relatives or friends you seem to see so infrequently (“I know I tried to make time this year, I swear!”) and there tends to be so much extra work keeping everyone happy and cooking a big meal for a herd, that sometimes it can become too overwhelming.


I have a solution for all of us feeling this chaos.


To kick off the start of the Holiday Specials (hosted by me), I bring to you:


The Easter Holiday Special


This year’s Easter Special is here to help you with some of those issues coming up around these busy times. Whether it’s unresolved issues with family members, reminders of how your life might seem to an outsider that brings up issues of self-worth, or plain, old overwhelm, we all experience these things around this time and added stress doesn’t help. And these issues can be brought up no matter how much you appreciate your time with your family. With this special, we invite you to slow down and let yourself open up to these issues through acupressure and healing time with Kyla.


The special is this: if you refer one family member or loved one to us and they book 3 acupressure appointments (and mention you by name), we will give you a free, 90-minute, all-the-bells-and-whistles-including acupressure session for yourself. This can also work if you think a family member might benefit from receiving 3 sessions and you purchase the sessions for them (whether it’s as a gift or more of a nudge for them to reconnect to their body or just calm down a little bit), then you can still receive your full, free session for yourself. Use this link to schedule, or send this link to a loved one who is interested in making appointments with us.


This offer expires April 30, 2017.




Read on for top-secret news about upcoming (super exciting) projects being released soon, with details that can only be found here for our most dedicated followers.


We are currently working hard on creating a new Challenge for you to combine Qigong moves and acupressure points to help alleviate certain issues coming up around this time. This will include regular emails, lifestyle tips, and even some checklists to keep you on track (I’m especially excited about this part; I’m the biggest checklist nerd around). There are lots to be done, so I need to get back to work!


With kindness from the bottom of my heart and happiness from the top of my head,