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The Dance of a Marriage or Partnership - Interview with Justice Schanfarber

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Justice Shanfarner is from Vancouver Island. He has written two books and has had his work gone viral on the online website - Huffington Post.

He provides individual counselling, marriage counselling (couples therapy), and sex therapy. He's been in private practice since 2008.

I share about my own marriage in this interview and we get really raw about real life issues in our most imporant partnerships and how to dance being on our own path and intertwining with someone else on their own true path in this same commitment to each other. 

I find Justice facinating as his opinions and views are very openminded. He has no judgement when listening to someone else and their personal journey. 

Show Notes:

Contact Justice

Justice's Book - Conscious Kink for Couples

Justice's Book - The Re-connection Handbook for Couples