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The Answer Always Comes at the Perfect Time {A Client's Story}

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Deep and amazing transformations are always happening on my table and no one really gets to hear about it! Well I am putting a stop to that.

Yes all my clients are confidential and they will remain un-named, but this is gold and I want to inspire you, move you, and continually open you up.

The title of this story is


For the sake of confidentiality I will call this client Rachelle.

Rachelle has been coming to me for years! And I mean almost since the beginning when I was 22 years old and just a baby starting my practice.

Before her session, she had been re-triggered by something from her past. Her ex-fiance had passed away a few years back and she had just received new information that showed her that he had lied to her. Lying is something, in her books, close to dying. You just don’t do it.

During her acupressure session I began to guide her through a conversation. While the pressure points brought her into her body and out of her mind, she was in a bit of a trance state. This is an ability I train my clients in over time … to stay in their body while communicating what is going on inside as I guide them.

As we begin in the pre-conversation just sitting across from each other, the tears come. I ask questions to dig deeper and deeper and what I find is that we need to talk with the girl inside of her who represents lying.

On the table I ask her to look for that person. A memory emerges. She was 9 years old, and she had just come back from her time with her Grandma during that summer. When she got home her dad became very upset because she had ‘porked up’ as she described it. The rest of the summer she was not allowed to eat any junk food.

How does this link to lying?

And so I dig deeper. I’m curious as to how it left her feeling when her dad got mad at her, and I got interested in more of the story. As we keep dialoguing more of the story comes out; the background of the story comes to light. Her dad and grandma did not get along, not as a child and not as adults. Feelings of anger begin to emerge.

Just then on the table as it is all surfacing a painful stitch is beginning over the left side of her body. (This happens to be in the area where anger lives in the body.) As the truth of her 9 year old self was emerging, so was the stagnancy in her body. She felt her Grandma had lied to her, she was angry at her grandma for letting her get fatter. All of these years she held in her anger. Another layer comes out as Rachelle sees she lied to her grandma as well. She had told her Grandma that she wanted to stay longer at her house to make her feel better, when really she didn’t. So her grandma lies to her and ‘porks’ her up to get back at her dad, and she lies to her grandma about staying at her house when really she doesn’t want to.

Another layer:

Underlying all of that Rachelle secretly blames herself, because if she hadn’t lied to stay at her grandma’s longer she would not have gained as much weight and she would not have made her dad so mad. You can see that this experience of lying had a huge impact on her. It was a tangled up ball-of-a-moment in time that has followed her into her adult experience. To this day she has been punishing herself by binging on chips late at night, because her dad took the chips away from her that summer.

Up until this session, that time in her life had come to her a few times on her journey in her thoughts and memory, but she never fully understood why. Hurting her dad was not okay to her, it pained her and she felt she had to be thin for him to love her. She can see now that this is not the truth and we could look at, feel and see that part of her so that part of her can fully heal.

She has always wanted to lose weight and, lo and behold, it was an area that has just been STUCK, until NOW. She is a beautiful woman and if you ask me, she does not need to lose weight, but this is her body and her truth and so we look together at what is hiding underneath that desire.

TakeAWAYS from the STORY:

  • Little Moments in life can have a HUGE impact.
  • With quality quiet time and guidance you can dig deeper into areas in which you are ‘stuck’.
  • This is a 55 year old story; it is never too late to heal.
  • I see amazing beautiful stories heal forever, every day, on clients that are willing do the work.
  • The benefits of acupressure are priceless. It is often tried as a last resort for people who have tried everything.
  • The body will magnify a symptom if you are not listening to what is going on in your heart and mind. Please remember this and take charge of the healing that needs to happen in your life.

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