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The 9 Laws of Yin + Yang - Real as Gravity!

Posted by Kyla Plaxton on

All of Acupressure; The Meridians, The Pressure Points and The Five Elements are all based on these very principles. The Elements are the Seasons, Each Meridians is either Yin OR Yang, never both. The Pressure Points that is on each Meridian coordinates with the same Yin OR Yang Meridian that they're on. 

This is kind of a big deal!

OK so here we go;

The Laws

#1. All Visible and Invisible phenomena are manifestations of Oneness.

#2. All antagonisms are compelmetary.

#3. What has a front, has a back.

#4. The bigger the front, the bigger the back.

#5. No phenomenon is only Yin or Yang; all phenomena are composed of both Yin or Yang. 

#6. There is nothing neuterl in each phenomenon. either Yin or Yang tends to be dominant. 

#8. There is nothing identical to anything else.

#9. At the extermes of development, Yin produces or becomes Yang ,and Yang or produces or becomes Yin. 

So it's the everything and nothing of life!?

If you like at the Yin/Yang Symbol you can actually see where one side will expand so big that it can't help but switch polarity and turn into the other!

I experience this with the moon! (Or my menses) Which is the same.. if you know what I mean?

I will have a huge spurt of creative energy; even for a whole week.. But because it can get so intense, I will need to retreat and change gears for at least a day to balance out a little bit. 

So conclusion?

YOU are made of Yin AND Yang!

Cool hey?

I created this little quiz to help you identify your more Yin self vs your more Yang self; because while the body is always TRYING to come back to balance, it never fully does.... ever. OK maybe for small moments if you practice enough. 

Take the QUIZ! 

Have a wonderful day!

Love Kyla