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Rewilding from within Interview with Christy Greenwood

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Overview of Rewilding Dance relating to Kundalini Dance

Christy attended a Kundalini Dance Training; went through the initiation, awakenings, and learned how to be a facilitator. Rewilding is giving space for the things that need to be seen, offering presence to the spaces and being with them through your whole body. For Christy, rewilding is connecting with nature such as plants and animals; right now what is more important is rewilding of consciousness. It is shedding of layers of non-truth, traumas, recovering, healing so the natural wild side can emerge. 

Rewilding has different shapes. It may mean differently to other people that are why Christy will ask the people who will enroll on her e-course what it rewilding for them. 

Christy talks about her E-Course

It is an 8-week program discussing the one chakra each week. There is a different portal for each chakra for rewilding experience so people can dance at home. 

Christy tells her story. 

Christy shared that whenever she felt bad; she always been drawn to dance. When she was a young kid, she will go to the house's basement will put on some music and will dance her heart out. Her teenage years was all about doing mix tapes and she will give it to her loved ones; it was a natural progression for Christy. Before her son was born Christy is a Yoga Teacher and already exposed to chakras. She found out about Kundalini Dance seven years ago when Leyolah Antara came over from Australia and taught Christy the Kundalini Dance. 

What is something dark or painful that you are dealing with that you transform using Kundalini Dance medicine?

Christy felt that Kundalini Dance enhanced her ability to speak the truth, her language expanded and she felt grounded that her body connected to the core of the earth. 

If you can touch one person's life who is listening today and you can say anything to them; what would that be?

Put on one of your favorite songs, crank it and dance your ass off!

Feature Segment: 25 Day Acu-Challenge

22:00 25 Day Acu-Challenge

It's the idea of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water); educating people about what are the five elements while doing it through their personal journeys and transformation. 

22:18 Kyla explain the seasons with the corresponding elements and how people can utilize it for their personal growth.

24:20 Kyla and Christy exchanged ideas on how acupressure will work well with Chakra

Three takeaways that you’ll get from this podcast are

1. The greatness of my worth came through as I open my body into the dance. 

2. I don't see myself transforming people; I see myself as holding space for transformation and their inner guide does the transformation. 

3. What it took to bring us here like in our bodies in this lifetime is a miracle

Show Notes

Christy's E-Course

25 Day Acu-Challenge