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Motivation and the risk she took with Britany Felix

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Britany tells her story.

 She started with her childhood. Britany said that she knew ever since that she is unconventional. She thought that she is going to be an actress or marry a Backstreet Boys member. But she grown out of it and went to a traditional route; went to college and got a job from a corporate setting. She changed her job all the time because she always ends up miserable thinking that it was the job then later find out that it was the structure and how her life was set up. A couple of years ago, Britany and her husband decided to sell their house and use the money to buy a travel trailer and spent two months visiting different states around the country. From this experience, she gets to share a lot to her listeners and inspire them on how to go after the life that is truly fulfilling for them.


Kyla said that what Britany did is scary and ask how it all work out for her.

 Britany said that if she hadn't changed her path she would've been miserable in ten years. Britany has a freelance podcast service business. She edits podcasts and put it together to take out that task out the podcaster's plate. When Britany looked back it was a crazy year, from her own words what happened to her and her husband was "totally unexpected".


Britany shares the role of her husband during the shift of their careers

 He is finding his passion. He doesn’t have an entrepreneurial mindset. He has always been a structured guy. It was a big adjustment for him and he is wanting to go back to law enforcement. The couple is trying to reach a compromise wherein they can still travel anytime they want and fulfill their passion.


Kyla made a good point of saying in every good leader entrepreneur needs a good manager Britany agreed to say that her husband balances her out if not for him she would be in a random country and doesn't have any clue what is going on.


Lowest and scariest point during the transition from corporate to being entrepreneur

 It was a former entrepreneurial failure. She left the corporate job a few years ago and decided to try a refinishing furniture business. It was her hobby before and tried to convert it to a business; it was a hobby, not a passion. They ended up in a difficult financial time. She went back to work in a corporate field and ended up being miserable.


How did you overcome this lowest point?

 Britany and her husband were able to work through it. They work together so to put less pressure on him to pay for everything. She has grown smarter the next time around and then made the decision to leave their jobs together.


Britany tells us more about living unconventionally

 We would like to let people know that they shouldn't live the unconventional life just because that's how they were raised or what everyone does. It is a passion project and her goal is to turn it into coaching and location retreats around the world



Inspiration Injection


Who motivates you the most that you listen to and follow?

Chris Guillebeau, host of the World Domination Summit.

What is the book you are currently reading?

Harry Potter Series

When you are down in the dumps and you're having a hard day, what is the mental image that you use to keep yourself motivated?

My husband and I traveling; hiking mountains of New Zealand; swim on a beach in Fiji. Explore amazing locations.

Who is the one person in your life that makes you never want to give up and reach your highest vision?

 My husband and my father.

If you got one thing to say that can change even one person's life who is listening forever, what would you want to tell them?

 It is 100% okay to be different and you are not alone. 

Three takeaways that you’ll get from this podcast are:

1. Do I want to be miserable because I did something and failed or miserable because I didn't try anything at all and be stuck in the same place that I am.

2. Failure is inevitable; it is part of the journey.

3. Let yourself go, give yourself a mental break.

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