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Kyla's Secret to Inner Peace - The STIL Acronym

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I know that you are trying. I know you are doing your very best.

Many of you reading this are moms, and not just any mom - super mom! Yes, even if you are stepmom and didn’t birth these beings you love so deeply, you count too.

I call you a super mom because I know you care so so deeply and are working so so hard to give your children and family the life you all truly desire and deserve.

I know this because I’m a mom too. In this busy hustle bustle world, I don’t believe it is set up to support families. Both parents need to work, plus take care of the basic chores, extra chores, kids, school, extra-curricular activities, then add ‘do what you love’ + ‘take care of yourself’ on top of all that!? Who has the time?

Can you relate to what I’m saying?

Your heart is so big and expansive I bet you wonder how you could even fit more in there. Every nuance of everything from your child; when they feel love you feel love, when they get hurt you feel their hurt, when someone says something unkind to them your heart shatters. You are a dear beautiful mom who deserves to be taken care of and supported. It is your job to give the love that you give to those closest to you so generously, and to yourself first.

I want to offer you something that will give you some INNER SPACE and PEACE. The ability to SLOW DOWN and come from a space of inner peace will ripple out into your world, into the areas of your life that are most important to you.

You will be able to:

  • Get more done with less time!
  • Have things run smoother around you with less effort!
  • Be happier with less frustration!
  • Sleep deeper with less anxiety!

Now how would that help you in your world right now?

What I want to gift you is a little practice called STIL



Inner Self


I will break it down for you:


Take the time to be STILL

I know this can be tricky sometimes but when you make this a priority in your life, like I said, it will ripple out into your world. A little bit can go a long way.


Okay this may sound a bit strange but hear me out. Touch heals the heart. Another way of saying this is that it can bring you into your heart, which is also into your body and out of your head. Getting into your body is one of the keys to being fully connected to yourself and making choices that will honour YOU. Acupressure accomplishes this action, but you can do it at home too. If you are by yourself take one of your hands and smooth your skin all the way from fingers to shoulder. Do this on the other side. Then take both hands and smooth over the skin of your face and over your head, then down your neck in one big swoosh. Take a deep breath. Notice if you have dropped into your body a little more. If you would like you can do the same with your feet and legs, etc. If you are with a partner, massage each others shoulders and neck for 5-10 min each.


When you are in your body it is easier to connect to your Inner Self. This is why I stress the importance of getting into your body however you can. Close your eyes and begin to connect to your mind, then body, then spirit. Scan your whole self. Just notice and observe it … with curiosity and without judgement. See if there is an area that sticks out to you. If/when you find something take some time with it; slow right down and notice the edges of it, notice if it has a shape or form of any kind, a colour, etc. Breathe into that area. Now with your imagination ask it what it needs. Which leads to the next part ...


Give lots of space to just listen. Take the time needed to answer, be patient, calm and compassionate. Like a child that needs attention, so does this part of you. At this point you should start getting insight to what you need and you can take action from there.

When you practice this daily in your life, your life will transform for the better. Your body will tell you things that you mind will never figure out. The hardest thing there is to do is TRUST IT.