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Insomnia Isn't your Fault

Posted by Kyla Plaxton on

Insomnia isn’t your fault


Did you know insomnia is not just a random act of happenstance? It’s happening to you for a reason and it’s happening at divine, perfect timing, whether you have welcomed it or not.


Suddenly, I open my eyes and I’m not sure why or what just happened. Why am I awake? Is everyone okay? Am I awake for a reason?


These are the kinds of questions that happen when someone wakes in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep. It’s dark, quiet, still. “I’m alone.” Alone in my thoughts, in my own swirling of imagination. I’m tired, yet buzzed.


If you can’t sleep, there’s a reason why. In Acupressure, we believe in being ‘with’ the seasons. One with nature - it’s the buddhist way. Does that make sense?


I’m encouraging you to be one with the elements. When it’s dark, you go to sleep and when it’s light, you wake up. We’re meant to sleep longer during the winter season (WATER ELEMENT) to restore our energies for Spring and Summer. This season gets us into a more relaxed, introverted, and introspective way of being.


Because many of us live in a go go society and out of the elements (ie in cities), it can be hard to be balanced in the cycle of nature’s elements, and then symptoms form. This is why insomnia is my focus this week.


The Kidney Meridian and Insomnia




The Kidney meridian is one of the meridians that lives in the water elements and the disruption of this meridian is really where insomnia comes from.


The function of the kidneys

The kidneys extract waste from the blood, balance body fluid, form urine and aid in other important functions of the body.


Kidneys are in charge of the deep rest within you. When we sleep, we go back to the great abyss from which we came. Kidneys are where the energy or ‘Qi’ that came with your body is stored. Imagine the kidney meridian like the deep abyss. It’s where life is before you came to earth. It’s the ability to float on clouds and surrender to the dark. Trust the unknown; it is a safe place for you. You may not feel safe right now if you’re dealing with insomnia, and it can be difficult to surrender when you don’t feel safe or protected. Safe in all areas. Are you worried about one of your family members? Your tribe. Or are you dealing with money issues or a bad boss at work? All these things can make you feel unsafe. You need to look for yourself.


I will give you one of my immediate tips that should help you, at least, reduce the onset of insomnia. First, I suggest calming the mind.


Every acupressure point found on the body has amazing uses. The next pressure point is known for calming the mind. In English, the name of the pressure point translates to ‘Wind Pond’. Insomnia is caused by buzzing thoughts, so the pressure point I’m about to show you will calm your thoughts. You will function and think much better on a night of good sleep.


I have a created a video to show you exactly where the Wind Pond Pressure Point is, how to find it, and how to push it so it works!


Trust me, it’s easy - just follow along,


As an end note, I want to bring it back to ‘you have insomnia for a reason’. What is bugging you or keeping you awake is real for you. Investigate what is spinning in there and take action to make it better.

Get your Wind Pond Pressure Point here.

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