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Herbs + Aromatherapy For Anxiety

Posted by Kyla Plaxton on

I’ve taken courses in Herbology and have actively used aromatherapy in my day-to-day living, but it’s not something where I deem myself an ‘expert’. I refer to books - my “bibles”  - and I experiment and dabble.


I love all of it! Books on Herbs and Aromatherapies!


I’ve brought in some awesome experts in both Herbology and aromatherapy in light of the launch of my new program - “Combat Anxiety through Acupressure”.  Because Acupressure isn’t just bodywork - it’s a lifestyle -  these are pieces of the puzzle I use in my own lifestyle.


I hope that, in addition to the “free” Pressure Points you’ve found for Anxiety and/or the ones you’ve accessed in the program, you’ll add these other tools to support you in your healing process, as I do.


I’d like to introduce you to Lisa + Shannon. Lisa is an expert in Essential Oils (Aromatherapy) and Shannon is an expert in Herbs and has her own business supporting and healing women.

1st up is Lisa


Lisa is a representative of an Essential Oils company called Doterra. In this video, she explains which Essential Oils she uses and how they can work for you!

Link to the Oils that are in the Doterra Mixes.

2nd is Shannon


Shannon is a mother of 3 and is a huge supporter for healing women and providing a safe space for them. She shares three awesome herbs in her video and how to use them with yourself and your kids!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this bonus content created in celebration of the new “Combat Anxiety through Acupressure” Program launched today!


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