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Get to know your Flow with Dr. D

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Tell us about yourself.

Dr. D, as she is known for on her podcast show, is a doctor of oriental medicine. She specializes in oriental reproductive medicine. Her main focus of expertise is helping women who menstruate in a better cycle, having less to no cramping and vomiting, helping those who are trying to have a baby and those who are transitioning to menopausal.

What is your service?

Dr. D offers a well-rounded session, she offers offer acupuncture and herbs. She customizes herbs formula for her patients locally but if they are not from the area she provides herbal consultation but and the sessions are very thorough.

What is your main focus or your mindset in your day to day that keeps you moving forward?

Her main purpose is "Who can I reach today?" and "Whose perspective I can change today?" De'nicea believes that she was directed to do this to serve more people.

De'Nicea's story

She just graduated from high school, I was put on a birth control patch. Two months after of being out of the patch she discovered a lump on her breast. She went for a surgery and schedule for follow up check ups, but she received a call earlier than the pre-scheduled follow-up and got scared. The doctors found out that the tumor already spread and had to go in for another surgery. Dr. D has to do a regular check up every 6 months to check if the tumor will grow back.

What is the hardest part that you overcame that motivated you to move forward

For her getting the call prior to the pre-schedule follow up check up, it was also the scariest part of her life.  

How did you overcome that?

It's her going deep; questioning God why it is happening to her. Then realize the reason behind it is to deliver a message; share her story and raise awareness to teenagers that it could happen to them.

What influence you to have that perspective?

As a child, she grew up in a church, relying more on religion. It made her want to do a personal self-conversation. 

Inspiration Injection

Who is the person that motivates you that you listen to and follow?

Deepak Chopra, Don Miguel Ruiz, Bob Proctor

What book are you currently reading?

The Four Agreements

When you are down in the dumps and having a hard day what is the mental image that keeps you motivated?

Water, spring of water

Who is the one person in your life that makes you never want to give up and reach your highest vision?

My mom and sister, My boyfriend

If you got one thing to say that can change even one person's life who is listening, what would you wanna tell them?

Always listen to yourself.

Three takeaways that you’ll get from this podcast are:

  1. It wasn't a no, it was a not right now
  2. Darkest I could go, I could go just as Light
  3. Sit Still, and trust that Action is Happening even as you sit still

Books mentioned in this Episode:

Sensitive Chaos

The Four Agreements

The 11 Forgotten Laws

How to get in touch with Dr. D?

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