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From Fast Food to Vegan Farm Girl

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What is the mindset that in your day keeps you moving forward to stay committed to your vegan practice?

Monique said that what keeps her going is just the idea of always being healthy and feeling as energetic and as best as she can because she know that every food I bring to my body affects me

Monique tells her story.

A year ago when she started being a vegan, whole food plant based vegan. Her focus is whole foods; things that are natural, because there is a person who is junk food addict but can still be a vegan while Monique considers herself as whole food plant based vegan.

Prior to being vegan, she is into organic foods, thinking that she is doing anything right. She started to watch documentaries about food and educate herself. She grew fascination about food and nutrition. While having bacon and eggs on toast for breakfast she is watching Cowspiracy and by the end of the movie; she declared "And now I'm vegan", that was the last animal products that she ate. For Monique what usually change her pattern is when it is about health and about how she will feel in the future.

Biggest impact that you learn from the movie

“I don’t want to misquote anything from the movie since I don’t have the statistics in front of me; water, rainforest, trees being demolished in order to put up farms to raise cattle, ” Monique said. She highly recommends the movie even if you don't have any plans on going vegan. Kyla added that before getting pregnant with her daughter; she was a raw vegan. While pregnant there was a craving for more meat, and Kyla's husband was vegetarian and brought a lot of controversies on their relationship because he doesn't want to feed her body that kind of food. So what she did was she listened to her body and eventually, her husband came to peace with it.

What was your life before and is there a low point?

Monique grew up as a traditional kid. They had processed foods like sidekicks and macaroni and cheese, but they also eat vegetables; it was a combination of everything. Then she went to university and does whatever she wants and ended up on a fast food diet. At that time she didn't have an idea that it was not okay because she is still skinny. When she turned 20, Monique started to get sick. Some of her friends would even comment had they not see her how she eats they would think that she is bulimic. She felt heart pains and was brought to the hospital. When they got there she was handed an orange juice and was told to eat. The nurses put an IV and kept on giving her an orange juice and she was sent home. After that incident, she researched the terms she got from the nurses such as acidotic, acidosis. She started to put on weight and got into cooking her own food. The heart pains go away and changed everything.

What kind of mode you used to heal other people

Education is Monique’s mode to heal other people. Sharing everything she learns to as many people as she can. People don’t know what food does for their body. People need to learn more about proper nutrition and health. A lot of her friends go to her for advice on how to lose weight and when they are not feeling well and what do they have to do, even fitness experts will say that 80% of your journey is going to be what you're eating.

Where can people get the education from you?

Monique has a website it is  The idea behind it is when you make the choice to cook your own food you're taking your health into your own hands and you're making the conscious decision to improve what you're doing. It has a lot of recipes; it is a community driven site that has a lot of food bloggers to share their own experiences and expertise.

Inspiration Injection

Who motivates you the most that you listen to and follow?

A podcast called "Food heals Nation" they do interviews with people that overcome massive diseases.

What is the book you are currently reading?

Dotcom Secrets it’s a business book about how to take your online business to operate to its highest capacity.

When you are down in the dumps and you're having a hard day, what is the mental image that you use to keep yourself motivated?

I have a solo dance party. Monique said that it’s impossible to feel down after rocking out on a song.

Who is the one person in your life that makes you never want to give up and reach your highest vision?

My sister and her family because when I went vegan I didn't expect that they would follow my footstep.

If you got one thing to say that can change even one person's life who is listening forever, what would you want to tell them?

No matter how you feel today, no matter how far you think you have to go, no matter how bad it seems, it can get better.

Three takeaways that you’ll get from this podcast are:

1. Tiny things make big differences.

2. People want to have the changes instantly but not necessarily sustainable

3. Baby steps is what really gets you to where you are going

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