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Discover the Power of Acupressure Interview with Julie Gervais

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In this episode, our guest will affect you with her enthusiasm and positivity. Behind all these, she will share her life journey and how I was able to unfold hidden feelings through acupressure.

Here are the bits of our conversation:

1:49 - How are you doing today?

5:39 -  Kyla help Julie truly unfold what is happening on her body

7:56 - Who you are? Julie tells her story.

21:40 - Kyla mentioned that she also do Skype session;  Kyla shared her childhood

28:40 - Kyla asked what is Julie's feelings towards her mom now

33:49 - Kyla followed up with Julie why is it for the last 3 sessions she made no attempt to reach out to her mother

37:37 - Julie shared her personal breakthrough since she started getting acupressure session with Kyla

30:55 - Julie revealed why she still wanted to keep doing sessions with Kyla

Feature Segment: 25 Day Acu-Challenge

40:08 - Free 20 minute motivation mapping session

40:44 - How Acu Live Series in Release Acu-Nation Facebook Community Group help Julie

42:53 - Acupressure online course Acu Challenge

47:52 - Tell something to the person who wanted to make a difference

Three takeaways you will learn on this episode:

  1. Procrastination kicking in because of the fear

  2. Because I'm changing; it's uncomfortable

  3. My truth is uncomfortable for me

Show Notes:

Release Acu-Nation Facebook Community Group

Acu Challenge