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An inspirational Thanksgiving - Find out why this year Thanksgiving is termed ‘Friendsgiving’

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I'm starting a tradition that on special holidays I'm going to find an amazing project that's making a difference for people to feature on the show. 

I absolutely love this one. Thank a friend and Otherly will gift a meal. Shawn Bearman, Mike Nabavi and a group of people from Vancouver, BC have been working on this new App called otherly - You can go to and thank the people in your life and remind them how grateful you are to have them in your life. Social buttons are set up with a pre-written messages that you can edit if you like to make this super easy. 

Want to know what the best part it? For every person, you thank in your life Hope International has hooked up with Otherly to gift a free meal to someone need! FOR EACH PERSON YOU THANK!

I personally challenge you to thank 100 people - think you can do that? 

In this podcast episode, I've chatted with Shawn Bearman as she goes into the details of what thanking a person actually can do for yourself. Shawn and the Otherly team are out to make the people who need help easier to ask for it. I hope this episode lights up your Thanksgiving and inspires you to thank the people you love most!


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