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A Wild Enchanting Interview with Elizabeth MacLeod

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What's your main focus or mindset in your day to day that keeps you moving forward?

What is mindset? A pattern you put in your mind to do something. For Elizabeth she does not have a particular one, she considers herself the wild one. What keeps her moving forward is herself, she is always excited to wake up each morning to know what is in store for her. 

Elizabeth tells her story.

Every single thing she learns along the way is a place for Elizabeth to understand what being here right now talking to Kyla would mean. What brought her to where she live now is because of a sickness; she almost dies from pneumonia. She prayed so hard that she uttered that she will do whatever it is just to be healed. Not knowing that what it meant is to move from Vancouver to a new place. She tells this story because during that time she started painting on stones, why in stones? Because it's free and she loves to paint. That is the origin of her wild mystery cards. 

What if you follow your heart and you failed?

You just have to keep listening. The idea that we fail is the story that we create for ourselves. There is no failure. What does failure mean?

How do you help others?

She is a writer and does things magical.Elizabeth is a creator of beautiful tools. Her work is about real life and always infused with magic. She is a spirited soul and deep into the meaning of life. She works with synchronism, magic and surprise, love.

Feature Segment: 25 Day Acu Challenge

42:30 Introduction to Acu-Challenge

43:00 Kyla explains the 25-day Acu-Challenge and why it has to be done for 25 days.

43:58 Kyla explains how acupressure and chakra impact each other and how the Acu Challenge will be a great tool to have those two work for you.

Three takeaways that you’ll get from this podcast are:

 1. Live the best life that I can live and share it with others as best as I can

 2. Stand tall but bend gently

 3. How do you rise up? You rise up by being everything you are and it will unfold to something that you cannot imagine.


Show Notes:

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