The Easter Holiday Special

Posted by Tarryn Tisdale on

Hey, everyone! I’m Tarryn, the Office Manager here at Release Acupressure (fancy title, I know). I’m helping Kyla get things up and running so we can give all our beloved clients and audience the best experience we can, sustainably. Read More...

The Secret why Hayfever is a good thing!

Posted by Kyla Plaxton on

I thought that might catch your attention. It’s not that I’m lying but I’m sure you disagree. You see, my whole theory behind the hundreds and hundreds of clients I’ve worked on and seen results with is that the body is always giving us messages. Click to read more...

5 Areas of Your Life Impacted by Anxiety. You May Be Surprised!

Posted by Kyla Plaxton on

It’s crazy, isn’t it? Like anything in life, it just starts off with 1 moment, or 1 incident or 1 day. 

Like the butterfly effect, it compounds, moment by moment, day by day until you find yourself rearranging who you are to handle situations in life that other people seem to have no trouble with. Click to Read More...

Herbs + Aromatherapy For Anxiety

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I’ve taken courses in Herbology and have actively used aromatherapy in my day-to-day living, but it’s not something where I deem myself an ‘expert’. I refer to books - my “bibles”  - and I experiment and dabble.

I love all of it! Books on Herbs and Aromatherapies! READ MORE... 

13 Signs You Are Dealing with Anxiety

Posted by Kyla Plaxton on

According to a study commissioned by the ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), in North America, more than $22.84 billion is spent on the repeated use of health care services by people with anxiety disorders when they seek relief for symptoms that mimic physical illnesses.

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Insomnia Isn't your Fault

Posted by Kyla Plaxton on

Did you know insomnia is not just a random act of happenstance? It’s happening to you for a reason and it’s happening at divine, perfect timing, whether you have welcomed it or not.

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Acupuncture Vs. Acupressure

Posted by Kyla Plaxton on

A common misconception.

Most of the world has NEVER heard of Acupressure so when I say the word acupressure they actually hear Acupuncture.

Isn’t that funny?

Do you know the difference?

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The Magic Powers of Water - Podcast

Posted by Kyla Plaxton on

Join me with Mr. Lou! He is a water expert...

He has climb high mountains, tested water in many countries and taken apart so called water machines to debuff the hype of the water culture. He gets to the bottom of the science as to why water heals, and not just any water.... He has all the answers inside the podcast episode, the Magic Powers of Water. Hear more... 

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The Power of Dreaming - Interview with Misha Wolf

Posted by Kyla Plaxton on

Do you ever wonder what your dreams are trying to tell you or if they mean anything?

When Misha heard of a man talk about Lucid Dreaming, Steven LaBerge,  she was immediately interested to find out more! When she applied her knowledge to her own dreams, she found messages and magic within them.

She now goes on to share about the power of dreams and what they can offer you. She shares about her own experiences and as usual I talk about my own life. In this episode I'm called to share about my children's nightmares and Misha's expert advice put my mama nerves at ease! Read more...

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Curing Scleroderma, An Inspirational Story of Healing

Posted by Kyla Plaxton on

An inspiration story of self healing. Scleroderma is known as a disease that kills when it becomes systemic. Bonnie was only the 12th person in Victoria, BC at the time to have been diagonosed. Find out how Bonnie has mastered her own life on her journey in healing and the difference it's made in the rest of her life. Read more....

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The Life of An Acupressurist

Posted by Kyla Plaxton on

Well it dawned on me...

Over the last 15 years of Acupressure I've definately been on a journey. The self-discovery is absolutely incredible while healing others along the way. It's truly worth all of the work! When I began Acupressure I was 18 years old living in Tofino, BC. I would consider myself an Alcoholic for sure. I learned how to surf! Big beautiful storms on the west coast of Canada. Being in the Ocean was healing and around me were many of people beginning their healing journies as well. Read more...

Do you have Anxiety?

Posted by Kyla Plaxton on

Anxiety is one of the highest psychological complaints in North America.

To me, anxiety can feel like a rush or overwhelm. Anxiety is one of those things that come and go. When I get a rush of energy and I am not grounded. Read more....

The Answer Always Comes at the Perfect Time {A Client's Story}

Posted by Kyla on

Deep and amazing transformations are always happening on my table and no one really gets to hear about it! Well I am putting a stop to that.

Yes all my clients are confidential and they will remain un-named, but this is gold and I want to inspire you, move you, and continually open you up. Read more...