What are the Elements? + Acu-Challenge Free Download!

Posted by Kyla Plaxton on

I use the Five Elements throughout my whole life. To me, they’re amazing and magical! Much like astrology, acupressure is a natural way of assessing yourself. In acupressure, you look within and allow yourself to feel any emotions and thoughts that may come up while pressing the points. Once you have acknowledged what you’re feeling, you can break these things apart and find the base of what is hurting you and who you are. You can find what you like, don’t like, smells, tastes, attitudes, careers and everything else and with some understanding of the Elements and what they bring, it will show you which Element is doing what. Are you off balance? Is it more yin than yang or yang than yin? Are your Elements just right? Using your story and how you feel, I use the Five Elements to plot my Acupressure Session and this information guides me to what pressure points I use. Read more...