Meet Kyla

Hello! It’s lovely to cyberly meet you! Hehe.

I’m assuming you’re reading this because you want to get to know me more. I wonder, have you watched one of my videos? Or have you downloaded “Ultimate DIY Acupressure Guide for Common Symptoms?” Or maybe you found me on my podcast which is growing rapidly at almost 40,000 subscribers!?

My clients and listeners keep wanting my work and it inspires me! My goal is to have Acupressure known in every household. You know, like Yoga or Meditation is now. What I’m finding is most people don’t know what Acupressure is and I live in one of the most popular healing areas in Canada.

Acupressure is my purpose in life, along with raising my two beautiful children. Acupressure is my other baby. I am giving my life to this objective. What else is there to do anyway?

Acupressure came naturally to me. I found it easy to use my fingers and move energy in other people’s bodies. I learned how to master energy and use it for healing. I can find the dark areas in my clients’ bodies and shine light and awareness, bringing it to the surface and beginning the healing process.

My mother and father were both victims of childhood abuse. Addictions were normal in my childhood. Acupressure helped me change a cycle that seemed inevitable. I now have strong and healed relationships with both of my parents. I was their light. I hold truth and speak it. These are just some of my values and Acupressure encompasses them.

I’ve been practicing for 15 years now and I’m very confident in my abilities to transform my clients’ experience for the better.

My children are my muse as they inspire to me to fulfill my divine purpose. I blaze a trail for them to follow their life’s purpose.

I hope you will reach out and connect with me. I’m an open book. If you have any questions, please ask away! You can find me on social media, email and my private fb group where I do weekly Q&A.

I highly recommend you download my free gift “Ultimate DIY Guide for Common Symptoms”.. And sign up or get on the waitlist for the next cycle of “Cultivate Your Life Force and Manifest Your Dreams!”

It was lovely to connect with you. I hope you have a wonderful day!