About Us

About Us:

Have you ever felt pain? I bet you have. We all can hold physical discomfort, pain, in our bodies and hardly be aware of it.

Pain can mean several things. A back injury, a migraine, heartbreak, the loss of someone special. Pain tells a story. It’s an intimate experience.

Comparing pain is a pitfall we tend to fall into. We might think, “My pain doesn’t matter because it’s not as bad as so-and-so’s,” or, “No one could ever understand me because they’ve never experienced such-and-such.” However, pain is pain and it should not be compared or measured.

I birthed Release Acupressure because Acupressure helped me move pain out of my body. I was born into my painful experience. I was affected by it, and then I internalized it. It built and grew upon itself until I was led to Acupressure by some divine guidance larger than myself and felt my heart open for the first time. My eyes were clearer, I could smell deeper, I walked taller. I began my healing journey and I was 17 years old!

You see, my life could have gone another way. I grew up in an environment of emotional volatility and physical violence.

Kyla’s Story

My mother was 18 years old when I was born and had been living on the streets, finding shelter where she could. At 15 she had left home where her father was her lover and her mother beat her. My father was also a victim of family violence and abuse. My parents found solace together during the summer of ‘82.

My dad was not there when I was born. I met him for the first time when I was 13.

I brought light and clarity to my mother’s darkness and confusion. When my mother held me in her arms she knew, for the first time, what her father did to her was wrong. She took him to court. I had counsellors, my foster grandma, my aunty, and barb who was my mother’s close friend. They all loved me very much and helped as much as they could. I wasn’t a calm child. I inherited my mother’s pain…

I witnessed her emotional breakdowns, her poor judgement in men, her choices that left me feeling abandoned.

I bottled this all up and stuffed it into my body. I was an angry teenager and I left home at 16 after I felt abandoned for the last time.

I moved in with my boyfriend and his family. His Mom, Pam, was a gift from God. She made my lunches, helped me with my homework, talked with me, guided me and never yelled at me.

I could barely stand it! I was so used to upset and chaos.

I would get really drunk and fight with my boyfriend in her home, but she never gave up on me.

Because of Pam’s guidance, I went from nearly dropping out of high school to graduating on the honour roll. I held a summer job as a nanny for the first time and when the first fall after high school graduation came I moved to Tofino, BC to expand, learn and grow.

In Tofino I met and worked with people from all over the world, I learned how to surf. And I found Acupressure.

My first class was only 5 days long. I gave an Acupressure session and received one each day.

I didn’t fully understand what was happening at the time but what I now know is my extraordinary meridians and organ meridians were opening.

On the fourth day all the stuff I bottled up inside exploded like a volcano. An unwinding, my body writhing, and emotional anguish was pouring out of me. It was all coming out and I couldn’t stop it. My heart opened and I felt compassion for my mom for the very first time.

I went from, “You’re a terrible mother,” to, “How did you even keep me, I was terrible!”

I’ve worked hard and forgiven myself. In my growth my mom gets to forgive herself too.

We are very close now. I get to take what I love about her and use it in my life and I get to learn from her mistakes. There’s no blaming anymore. She’s responsible for her life and I’m responsible for mine.

These days in 2017, I’m 33 years old with two beautiful children and my amazing business. When people meet my mom they cannot imagine we’ve come from the depths of our own hell, that we’ve battled the darkness. Now we are strong and loving.

This is why I began Release Acupressure. When emotional pain heals, body pain heals. I’ve experienced and witnessed true transformation.

I don’t feel old pain anymore. And when I feel new pain I am excellent at moving through it so it doesn’t get buried inside of me.

I am not wiser or more powerful than you. I clear blocks in the way of my happiness and fulfil my purpose in this life. I am a conduit of my higher divine purpose. I use Acupressure to achieve this.

And so I ask you, where is your pain?

Is it stopping you from fulfilling your life’s goals?