What's Acupressure

This is the biggest question I get from people, so I might as well answer up front and as soon as possible!

Trust me, when I began to learn Acupressure at age seventeen I certainly didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Acupressure can be almost indescribable because the real experience doesn’t compare to the seemingly simple description of how it is performed.

Acupressure is like Acupuncture and Massage combined, with a counsellor as your witness.

Acupressure is like Acupuncture because we use the same points and meridians, but instead of needles, Acupressurists use their fingers on the pressure points. This is also what makes it like a massage because you are getting the touch and physical body relief like massage but the results generally last longer because the work is usually deeper.

Unlike Acupuncture, Acupressure utilizes the healing benefit of touch. Touch is hugely important. The Acupressurist and client are truly connected. This greatly supports the movement of energy between pressure points and meridians and the movement of pain and discomfort out of the body.

Extraordinary Vessels and Organ Meridians

There are 12 Organ Meridians and 8 Extraordinary Vessels in the body. To learn more about Meridians you can watch this video I made:


It is very normal for Acupuncturists to work on the 12 Organ Meridians and 2 of the main Extraordinary Vessels. However, there are 6 more Organ Meridians that are amazing! Organ Meridians are associated with an organ. They are your more dense, physical self. Extraordinary Vessels go in and outside of the body. They’re what connect me to you and you to me and us to the earth. We work with the Extraordinary Vessels first for full power and then if something is chronic and stuck we’ll hone in on the Organ Meridian the stagnation is in. When the Extraordinary Vessels are flowing, most of the body’s pain and tension will release on its own but as an Acupressurist I can help release old pain by working with the Organ Meridians. I am still amazed by the results I witness from this work!

If you’re ready to try Acupressure, I suggest you download the ‘Ultimate DIY Acupressure Guide for Common Symptoms” I’ve put together.

Happy learning and enjoy the magic!